Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Week in Pictures

Hello, I'm Lee and while I'm not working on the shading on the forehead of my character portrait, I play Labyrinth Lord under Seobeq's watchful, reptilian gaze. I'll leave most of the discourse to him, but I can contribute visuals to the blog - like this wee comic below - my report on the first session of play. As it will become apparent, the other thing I contribute is fresh, new characters. I am rewarded with ever-present death.

Labyrinth Session #1 Comic
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We don't just go around press-ganging Kobold sentries into new nautical careers, we also tried to employ a goblin as a scout and talked about getting him to turn the rest of the goblins in the dungeon to an impromptu militia in our employ, but goblins are quite tricksy and it didn't quite work out...


  1. Wow, what a fab way to share our perilous adventures with the multiverse. Nice one Lee.

  2. Nice drawings but it thought my fighter might be more hansom...cough..cough

    1. He's charmingly brawny. What else do you want..?

  3. Everything and i won't it now !!!!