Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Session Comic - Second Edition

We finally finished the adventure Seobeq was running! Much has changed, much has stayed the same.
The ever-present death around every corner stayed the same.

Labyrinth Lord Session 2 Comic
The Adventure! Continues

There was such a good reaction to the session-recap-comic last time that I just had to do another one, and make it a bit fancier, so this one's longer and has a bit of colour on it too. The Moldvay Basic D&D colours of red and yellow, y'know. The very same colours used on the cover of the first printing of Labyrinth Lord from fun benefactor Goblinoid Games.


(Oh, and there's a full-size version of the comic right here, for the keen.)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Lets get out of here..

At long last Fortress of the Mountain King has been completed. More brave player characters perished. Only Wiffo the Cleric and Meriaboc the Halfling survived. Given the large amount of treasure they have accumulated, (not to mention the monsters inexpertly dispatched), those chaps are about to go up a level. The Mountain King Escaped and was last seen heading North. The fallen heroes now lie mouldering in a dung heap inhabited by an Okyuck. Our weary adventurers drag their battle worn bodies back to the village where toasted crumpets and guady waistcoats bring comfort to their sadened hearts. Will they continue adventuring?.................Of course they will!.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bring it..

At long last, the time for adventure doth approacheth thh thu. Ready yourselves, do some yoga, eat organically certified vegatables, get a shiatsu, sharpen your swords. Hmm, being locked in a library for six months must surely have some effect on intellegence modifiers....