Wednesday, 20 June 2012

First game in years....

So then, I just ran my first basic d&d game in many years.
It was full of the familiar old mayhem and carnage that entertained me and my mates in the late 70's and early 80's.

I decided to start with a Labyrinth Lord module called 'Fortress of the Mountain King'. Labyrinth Lord by the way, is a retro clone of the Moldvay edition of Basic Dungeons and Dragons. I like to use a combination of these original rule books and Labyrinth Lord. As there are only two players in the current group, I decided to let the player characters hire retainers. This turned out to be a wise decision as the two main player characters perished early on before even entering the fortress! The retainers (who at that point had become main characters) then returned to the town and hired more retainers for a return visit. The party now consisted of an Elf, a Fighter, a Magic User, a Thief and a Cleric.

The party successfully infiltrated the fortress after extracting knowledge of the secret knock required to open the main door from a beleaguered Kobold. Said Kobold now sails the sea serving as a kitchen slave. Following a narrow miss with a Rust Monster the party decided to investigate the Dwarvern statues. One of the party, Wiffo the Lord, a Cleric, triggered the statue trap thereby getting a stone axe butt to the face. Still, he earned himself some gold pieces form Hairy the Fighter, so that's okay then. Ouch!

Some careful exploration revealed a secret library, which turned out to be an ideal place for the party to eat food and get some rest in relative safety. Following a days rest, the party steeled itself for the horrors that know doubt lay ahead. Hairy the Fighter took a little damage from a Giant Crab Spider but managed to fight off the effects of the poison injected into his face.


  1. *Note to self*
    Retainers are people too...

  2. R.I.P Crunchy Norman the fighter and Necea the Elf..

  3. I may need to modify the "Open doors quietly' house rule, hilarity ensues.

  4. Crunchy Norman will be sadly missed indeed,mind you he did smell a bit.

  5. Started playing DnD in 1980-81 played 'til 1995. Just recently, having found Labyrinth Lord, began DMing a game for some friends. After 17 years away, I gotta say it feels great to be telling stories and providing an imaginary playground for the PCs again.

    1. In my uninformed opinion, this is one of the great things about Labyrinth Lord. As far as I can tell the system is one of the simplest and quickest ways to hit the table and get roleplaying after a long break, or with new players.
      Good on you, Mister Anonymous.

    2. You can catch my game session recaps of our LL adventure and other RPG stuff on my youtube channel DarkAgeOf

    3. Lovely stuff. Plenty of videos to watch! Thanks for the link!